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Vision Statement



Vision Statement –Leading the way to Christlikeness


The Vision of Leading the way to Christlikeness implies that as a body of believers we must first strive to be Christlike in every aspect of our lives.


We strive to be a church, based in and interconnected with the local community, reaching and impacting the Merrimack Valley, its surrounding communities and the uttermost parts of the world.


A Christlike lifestyle is one that is devoted to the Lord, evidenced by:

·         a strong devotional life

·         faithfulness in prayer

·         faithfulness in church attendance

·         integrity

·         character



How we fulfill the vision:


We fulfill the vision in the local community in a variety of ways:


1. Spirit Led Worship Services - Our first priority in the Worship Service is to please God.


Our worship services are designed to be inclusive of new believers and mature believers alike. Great effort is made to welcome guests, and offer timely, relevant messages to teach the Word of God, and to empower and encourage the believer to live a full, enriching Christian lifestyle.


Our services also offer the non-believer the opportunity to make an informed decision to become a Christian.


In addition to our Sunday services, we have approximately 9 Downpour Services, Christmas Candlelight Service, New Years Eve Prayer, and other special services as the Lord leads.


Children’s Ministry is offered in every service.


2. Small Groups - A variety of Small Groups are offered that are open to the community. The groups are based on felt needs. The Small Groups are cover a variety of purposes and subject matter including foundational bible studies, advanced topics, prayer, hobbies, talent, public speaking, personal growth, leadership and more.


Small Groups are held at the church, at the host home, or in other locations strategically placed in the community. See our Online Small Group Directory for current offerings.


3. Supporting Social Causes that are consistent with our Christian worldview.

We will partner up and support various causes in the local community.

(i.e. Pregnancy Care Centers, Haverhill, Lawrence)


4. Seminars & Events –

The River Church presents and hosts several events during the year to which the public is invited.

Events include: Events for Men, Women, Youth, Couples Kids & Families. Financial Seminars.


For details on upcoming events see our Events Page







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Pregnancy Care Center

Pregnancy Care Center