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Welcome to The River Church


 Welcome to The River Church.


With a renewed focus on discipleship and a strong apostolic vision, The River Church is leading the way to Christlikeness.


Here, members are empowered to gain a firm foundation in the Word, to build strong relationships, and to continually develop and employ their God-given gifts and talents.


Sunday Worship Services are lively and contemporary.


Pastor David & Michelle Braxton

The messages are timely and encouraging, and every message is built on the solid foundation of truth in Christ Jesus.


Small Groups will resume shortly, as we move into our new facility. In the meantime, we have weekly prayer meetings, monthly Menís and Womenís fellowship meetings.
See our church calendar for other community meetings and special events.


Sunday Services start at 10:00AM.






Pregnancy Care Center

Sunday 10/27/2019
Discover Membership (12:30AM)
Sunday, October 27th , 12:30 to 3pm is our (...more)

Sunday 11/10/2019
Water Baptism (10:00AM)
Ready to be Baptized?  The next Baptism at Th (...more)